There is nothing like flowers and trees to enhance the beauty of a property. Vegetation is an essential component of any landscaping project. It adds character and personality. At Les Pavages Nick & Associés, we can help you choose the right plants for your garden, plants that will blend well together and with their natural surroundings. Transform your outdoor space into a colourful and welcoming haven... The grass will be greener on your side of the fence.


Trees, shrubs, evergreens, annuals and perennials can change the appearance of a home in different ways: they can give it some height, soften unattractive angles and hide an ugly foundation. Our landscape architects can design beautiful flowerbeds that will bring out the elegance and aesthetic value of your residence.

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Trees Provide More than Beauty

Several recent surveys show that mature trees in a well-landscaped property can increase the value of a house by 7 percent to 19 percent.

Trees will:

  Increase the value of your property
  Give you privacy
 Provide you shade which can reduce home cooling cost

We are professional landscapers. We don't do anything else. Our company specializes in residential and commercial landscaping.
With over 55 years of experience in the landscaping business, we know how to do the job right the first time. Not convinced, ask our customers.
Insured and licensed, we take pride in our work... Our job is not done until the clients are fully satisfied. That’s our commitment to you.
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