Another beautiful makeover carried out by the PNA team. Notice how remarkable the end result can be when you deal with experienced professionals and make use of the best products available on the market, the Permacon products.

As you can see, the new landscape of this residence located in Town of Mont-Royal remains simple, but it’s now more elegant, more modern and more welcoming. There is nothing like pavers to restore the beauty of a front yard. Pavers can add texture, color and refinement to any outdoor space. Simple yet elegant, our latest landscaping project enhances the aesthetic value of this pretty residence without overpowering it.

By simply covering a predominant garage entrance with quality materials, we succeeded in glamorizing the front yard of this property in a masterful way. By harmonizing the exterior design with the architectural style of the house, pavers ensure cohesion and unity to the entire work. For this TMR project, only high-end Cassara pavers from Permacon were used.

The Lead Performer – Permacon Cassara Pavers

With their straight and sharp lines, Permacon's Cassara pavers have allowed us to create a sleek, modern look... Ideal for an imposing driveway like this one. As for the rectangular multi-length slabs and the subtle tone-on-tone hues, they confer texture and vitality to this TMR project.

The Supporting Cast – Permacon Melville Tandem Wall

The low wall erected right in front of the house entrance completes perfectly the newly designed driveway. Permacon's Melville Tandem wall stones add depth and sleekness to this huge piece of land that was lacking in style and originality.

Capping it Off – Natural Stone Steps

The capping of the old steps is essential to the completion of most landscaping projects. Here, we chose a natural stone capping due to its durability and great aesthetic value. Classic and beautiful, the natural stones put the finishing touch to this prestigious project... Just imagine what we can do for you!

TMR Home 03
MELVILLE Cassara Pavers

TMR Home 03
MELVILLE Tandem Wall

TMR Home 05